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Note: Is the quiz too difficult? Hint: answers are either very well-known or pretty easy to find on this site. Take a look around! I’ve added it purely to prevent spam.

Before you fill in the form, please read the following:

  • Do NOT contact me about matters that have already been answered on this website; please navigate the menu above to make sure.
  • Do NOT contact me just to show me you’ve used my UTAU, it’s very unlikely that I’ll take a look if you do (it’s not that I never look at what people do with my UTAU, but I prefer to look around the web for it myself. I don’t always leave comments but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it!).
  • Do NOT ask me to put an old voicebank back up, I always take down banks that are obsolete. Please use the latest version if you can.
  • Also, just in case: if you really feel inclined to send hate mail, you can try but it’s no use since I’ll just delete it. (Thankfully I’m not important enough for that to ever happen to me, lol.)