Character information

Name: Annushka (Kana: アンヌシュカ; Cyrillic: Аннушка) Alternate name(s): Annushka Dimitrevna Petrovskaya (Kana: アンヌシュカ・ディミトレヴナ・ペトロフスカヤ;Cyrillic: Аннушка Димитревна Петровская) – Her full name; Anya (Kana: アーニャ; Cyrillic: Аня) – Her nickname, used only by those close to her. Gender: Female Age: Over a century old (chronologically); Young adult (appearance-wise) Height: 150cm (4’11”) (Her readme says 100cm, but this is outdated information.) Weight: Heavier than she looks, due to metal internals, but light enough to dance. Species: Porcelain wind-up automaton doll. Nationality: Russian Ethnicity: White (East-Slavic) Likes: Classical and baroque music, ballet, opera, well-mannered individuals, people who groom themselves well, traditional values. Dislikes: Unclean people, rude people, untidy spaces, “uncouth” fashion, hobos and tramps. Personality: Annushka is a porcelain doll automaton from the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire. How she works exactly is unknown, but it’s theorized that it’s either through magic, upgraded technology throughout the century, or that she’s possessed by a ghost. Which one of these is true is up to interpretation. She comes to live by winding up the key in her back; this was inspired by the Italian ballet “Coppélia”. Overall, she’s a doll designed for both opera singing and ballet dancing. Due to being created a long time ago, she has a rather old-fashioned personality. She believes in traditional gender roles and interactions and does not tolerate people who don’t groom themselves well. She also is a strong believer in chastity. Despite her haughty personality, however, she does mean well and can be a good friend and advisor. She is good friends with Hanami, with whom Annushka has a surprising amount in common, even if she sometimes comments on Hanami’s way of dress.

Voicebank information

All of Annushka’s voicebanks can be downloaded from this folder, including those not (yet) listed below. However, relevant information, samples and specific download links are listed below for clarity.

General voice type

Classical voice type, mostly suited for opera and/or classical crossover (such as operatic pop, symphonic metal, new age or other fusion genres). Please handle her voicebank with care.

Japanese (extended)

「Aria」CV + VCV Lite

  • 3-pitch (D4, G4, C5) CV voicebank with VCV Lite support.
  • Hiragana-encoded, romaji aliases.
  • Contains many sounds not found in Japanese, in order to support languages such as Italian, Latin, English, some Russian, etc.
  • “CORE” voice only.
  • Has somewhat of an accent, this was done on purpose.
  • Recommended to be used with lots of vibrato, due to her voice type.
    Audio sample
    Currently unavailable.
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    .zip (for manual installation or drag & drop) .uar (for automatic installation by double-click)

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