In this section you’ll find all kinds of information regarding my writing projects. Only original works created by me will be listed on this website.

A few, small “rules” regarding my stories

There’s no real “Terms of Use” regarding any work of fiction I’ve created. There are only a few courtesies:

  • All my original fiction is licensed under CC BY-NC. This counts for the prose itself, the characters, the fictional universe, world building details, conlang, etc.
  • Fan works of all kinds are absolutely encouraged! (Think of fan art, fan fiction, fan videos, fan music? Maybe even fan characters, etc.) No prior permission is necessary. The only thing I ask is that no monetary compensations are made. This means “fanfic commissions” are banned.
  • Other than the monetary restrictions, I allow any type of fan content to be produced as long as it’s legal. This includes content I may not personally agree with. Please note that merely allowing it does not necessarily equal endorsement.
  • Please do not claim any of my stories as your own.
  • Please credit Lotte V as the original creator when producing a fan work.