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Q: Do I have to ask for permission to use any of your vocal synth voicebanks?
A: No, as long as the content is non-commercial. There’s a reason they’re up for download after all! For commercial usage, please ask for permission beforehand. This is also in the Terms of Use. However, make sure you always credit me!

Q: Do I have to ask for permission to cover any of your original songs?
A: Nope, in fact I’m very flattered if you do! You can also translate, remix, or otherwise transform my music freely. All my music is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Q: Can I draw fan art of any of your characters?
A: Yes please! As long as it’s not anything illegal, you’re good. You don’t need to ask beforehand, either. This includes content I may not personally like or agree with, but I have no interest in limiting what other people may create within the constraints of international law. Please make sure to always credit me, however.

Q: Am I allowed to write fan fiction of any of your stories/featuring any of your characters?
A: Yes, absolutely! Again, I will feel extremely flattered if you do. You don’t even need to ask beforehand. However, make sure you’re not earning any money off your fan fiction and always make clear that I’m the creator of the original work.

Q: Can I role play as any of your characters?
A: You can, but please ask me for permission beforehand, especially if it’s a vocal synth character I created. I’ve had one of my UTAU characters used in a role play before where the person never asked for permission, and this made me slightly uncomfortable.