Folder containing all my UST’s etc.

Some older ones might be missing still, but I’ve been trying to reupload them for those who want them. Please use them at your own risk, however.

Usage rights

  • Please credit both the original artist as well as me (Lotte V) when using any of these files.
    • This also counts for pitch training for AI SVS models (Diffsinger, NNSVS, etc.). I have no problem at all with people doing this; just credit me somewhere in the readme file of your voicebank.
      • Please also specify which sequence file(s) you used for training.
  • Please do not reupload any of the files. Refer to the original download link instead. Redistributing privately is allowed, however.
    • If you wish to reupload an edit (conversion/remix/translation/etc.), please ask me for permission beforehand.
    • Reuploading “Engrish” conversions (and similar) is not allowed (but it’s OK for personal usage).
  • Please do not claim any of these files as your own.

Video playlist