Terms of Use for the Lotte❤Loid series of UTAU voicebanks

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  • Please refer to the general Terms of Use for the UTAU program before using this voicebank. 
    • An English translation of the general Terms of Use can be found here.
  • Please credit me (Lotte V) when using any of my voicebanks.
  • Do NOT reupload the original voicebank elsewhere; please refer to the original download link instead.
    • However, fixes such as an altered oto.ini are free to be redistributed, even without prior permission. 
  • While these voicebanks were created for UTAU, you are free to import the .wav files into any other kind of software. 
    • However, please ask me for permission if you want to redistribute your port. This is not necessary for private usage.
  • You’re allowed to use the voice and/or character in non-commercial projects, whether covers or original works, without prior permission.  
    • However, for commercial use of voicebank and/or character, prior permission is necessary.   
  • Do NOT claim the voicebank and/or character as your own. 
  • Do NOT illegally sell any of the files contained within for money.
  • Do NOT edit the character artwork to transform it into another character.
    • However, reuse and necessary modifications to the artwork are permitted for video projects and the like.  
  • Derivative characters are allowed without prior permission, as long as the character art isn’t being edited for this purpose (see above). 
    • Please make sure that derivative characters are created through flags in the UTAU software itself, rather than through pitching up an existing work through audio software.
  • Do NOT use the voicebank and/or character for any illegal purposes under international law.  
  • Do NOT use the voicebank and/or character for any kind of political applications. 
  • Usage in religious works is allowed without prior permission, as long as it isn’t intended for proselytization.
  • Both heterosexual (NL) and homosexual (GL/BL) content is allowed without prior permission.
  • Adult (R-18/R-18G) depictions are permitted without prior permission, as long as the character is portrayed as a legal adult of 18 years or older.  
    • Please also put a warning (such as “NSFW”, “R-18(G)”) in front of the work in question.
  • The creator-given personality is completely optional and can be disregarded in any kind of work.