Hoshino Hanami

Character information

Name: Hoshino Hanami (Kana: 星野ハナミ)
Alternate name(s): Xing Hua-jian (Simplified Chinese: 星花见; Traditional Chinese: 星花見); Seong Hwa-gyeon (Hangul: 성화견)
Gender: Female
Age: Young adult
Height: 155cm (5’0″)
Weight: It is a mystery
Species: Fairy
Nationality: Dutch
Ethnicity: Eurasian
Likes: Spring- and summertime, flowers, animals, walks in nature, cute but elegant fashion, beauty products, cooking and cleaning, dancing, positivity, caring for children, handsome gentlemen (especially with facial hair).
Dislikes: Gray skies, sadness, wilted flowers, people who are too serious, slobs.
Personality: Hanami is a loving fairy who likes to take care of the people she holds dearly. She loves using fairy magic to clean the house and tend the garden, as well as heal others when they’re sick. She also loves to cook and bake and do group activities with her friends. She’s also very good with children.
She has a thing for sharp-dressed gentlemen, though she’s generally rather shy around men.
Has a hidden cheeky/teasing personality that mostly shows when she really likes you. When in such a mood, she loves to pull magic pranks.

Voicebank information

All of Hanami’s voicebanks can be downloaded from the link below, including those not (yet) listed underneath. However, relevant information, samples and specific download links are listed below for clarity.

General voice type

Natural and all-round. Hanami utilizes her creator’s natural voice tone, without any oddities.


「Starter Edition」CV

Download links
Voicebank details
  • 3-pitch (C4, F4, C5) CV-VV voicebank.
  • Romaji-encoded, hiragana aliases.
  • “CORE” voice only.

Recommended for beginners.

Audio sample


Download links
Voicebank details
  • 3-pitch (C4, F4, C5) CVVC voicebank.
  • Romaji-encoded, hiragana aliases.
  • Contains 4 expressions:
    • 「Core] (no suffix)
    • 「Power」(_強)
    • 「Soft」(_弱)
    • 「Whisper」(_囁; voiceless; CV-VV only)

Recommended to be used with presamp (dev version).

Audio samples

「Blooming Garden」VCV

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Voicebank details
  • 3-pitch (C4, F4, C5) VCV voicebank.
  • Romaji-encoded, hiragana aliases.
  • Contains 3 expressions:
    • 「Root] (core) (no suffix)
    • 「Fragrance」(power) (_強)
    • 「Nectar」(soft) (_弱)
Audio samples



Download links
Voicebank details
  • 3-pitch (C4, F4, C5) Spanish CVVC voicebank with some VCV support.
  • Romaji-inspired encoding.
  • “CORE” voice only.
  • Latin American-based pronunciation.
  • Contains some sounds that don’t natively occur in Spanish.

In classic UTAU, it’s recommended to be used with presamp (dev version).
In OpenUtau, it’s fully compatible with the in-built Spanish Syllable-Based Phonemizer.

Audio sample


「Dancing Fae」VCCV

Download links
Voicebank details
  • Monopitch (D4) English VCCV voicebank.
  • Cz-styled encoding.
  • “CORE” voice only.
  • General American-based pronunciation.
  • Contains some extra sounds from Makkusan’s old list.
Audio sample

Design gallery

Hanamis regular design
Hanami’s regular design
Hanami's dancer design
Hanami’s dancer design