(The full body art of Vee, my author avatar (seen above), can be found here.)

About this site

This site features the following types of content:

  • Vocal synth:
    • UTAU voicebanks (Lotte❤Loids)
    • DeepVocal voicebanks (Project Cantata)
    • UST/VSQ/etc. sequence files (for covers)
    • Original songs and remixes
    • A list of commercial vocal synth and music software that I own
  • Fiction writing:
    • Information on web novel “Alomyria” (current main writing project)
  • Art:
    • Present on character pages.

This website also supports ActivityPub, meaning that you can follow it on the fediverse. The actor you can follow for this is @lottev. You can find it when searching for users in your instance’s search bar.

About me

My name is Lotte and I am an amateur artist, vocalist, music producer, and writer from The Netherlands. I was born on October 14, 1991 and I’m female. I created the Lotte❤Loid series of five UTAU voicebanks, as well as a small series of DeepVocal voicebanks called Project Cantata. There will be two vocalists for this series total, but currently only one has been released. I’m also currently writing the web novel “Alomyria”.

I also run Veenus.ART, a Fediverse (Pleroma) instance for creative people of all kinds. Feel free to join! Registrations are open.

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