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Folder containing all my original song downloads
Folder containing all my remix downloads

Usage rights

  • All of my original music is licensed CC BY-SA 4.0. Please note that different terms may apply to remixes, depending on the wishes of the original artist.
  • Feel free to use my music for your projects, even if said project is monetized.
  • Adaptations of my music such as remixes, translations, parodies, etc. are allowed (and even encouraged!), as long as they don’t contain anything slanderous or illegal.
  • Please credit Lotte V for creating the original music (and when it’s a remix, the original artist as well).
  • Please do not reupload any of the files in their original form. Refer to the original download link instead. Distributing privately is allowed, however.
    • If you wish to reupload an edit of the voice sequence files (conversion/remix/translation/etc.), please ask me for permission beforehand.
    • Reuploading “Engrish” conversions (and similar) of the voice sequence files is not allowed, but they’re OK for private use.
  • Please do not claim any of these files as your own.