Q&A Box

In lieu of websites such as Curious Cat (which requires a Twitter login), I’ve decided to self-host a Q&A box instead.

IMPORTANT: Any questions you will send here will be answered publicly (albeit, you’ll be anonymous). If you wish to ask me a question in private, please use the Contact form instead.

Note that you can also always post a comment on any of my blog posts! However, these comments will be both public and not anonymous, so please keep this in mind.

Your question is saved and will appear when it is answered.

Answers So Far...

  • Someone asked:
    Why are you so cute?
    • Lotte V replied:
      this is a false statement
  • Someone asked:
    hi lottie how are u
    • Lotte V replied:
      good, just a lil' bit sick still but i'll be fine