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Hoshino Hanami -LoveSong- for Diffsinger Beta2 is out!

Hey everyone,

A new beta for Hanami’s DiffSinger model is out. Hopefully LEONA will follow soon.

This beta was trained with reflow and has 3 vocal modes instead of just 1. And again, still in beta, so apologies if there are still weird quirks around! Please let me know if you encounter anything strange.

Download link on GitHub

~ Lotte V


Hello, dear visitor! This is my website where I post things related to whatever I create. This ranges from vocal synth works (Vocaloid, UTAU, DeepVocal, CeVIO, etc.), original music works (which can be created with either vocal synth or my own singing), visual arts (this website will mostly focus on original works based on my own characters and stories) and writing (which includes the web novel I’m currently working on).

This site is currently a little bit empty, but proper content is coming soon! Please stay tuned as I get everything ready. Thank you for your patience!

~Lotte V